Donnerstag, 7. September 2017

Database of Byzantine lead seals (DBS)

After a five years work I finally finished the Excel-form Database which contains about 26.000 entries of seals.

Unfortunately no pictures are included for problems of existing copyrights. Therefore the database allows a complete research with all relevant search criteria. This makes possible to read and identify new seals and to discover parallel seals.

This publication gives a tool to every buyer and user according to his studies, research and collector's aims. The pure Excel-file makes an individual use in changing, rewriting and enriching it possible.

A small selection constisting of 20 entries as an exampel how the database looks like and a PDF are ready for download. The PDF contains all information how to use the database, copyrights etc. so I wont show it here again.

The database may be aquired for 238,00 €, students with a valid studentcard pay half, 119,00 €. Please mail to, then I will send an invoice (bank account or Paypal). By transferring the amount you accept the copyrights and the related terms of individual usage. Then I will mail the Database file to you.

Please feel free to ask any question you want.

Kindest regards, Robert Feind

Selection Database

How to use the database

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