Mittwoch, 6. März 2013


Dear visitors, collectors and other interested people on the subject,

here a blog developes dealing with Byzantine lead seals.

To make this platform easier to find I choose a concise researching name for it: "Byzantine lead seals". You can also find it on "".

The lead seals mainly can be found in auction catalogues ordered behind Byzantine coinage. In the internet, i.e. on Ebay, they are sold only in a small number. Literature introducing to the subject is also very rare. You have to buy editions of seal collections hoping the short opening chapters will make some generally remarks. Often they don't.

This blog shall widen the view on Byzantine lead seals sharing informations. I already have published an introduction („Byzantinische Siegelkunde - Einführung in die Sigillographie von Byzanz“, 2011, Gietl Verlag, s.Books). But it is written in German language. I am still thinking of translating and publishing it in English.

Mainly the support by giving information on the seals, evtl. the construction of a database, needed literature etc., are the focus on this blog.

I also will offer a service to identify, transcribe and to read the lead seals.  Added are links and hopefully you as an audience discussing together. 

Robert Feind

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